Yo! My name’s Daniel, or DanielOaks, and I run the ircdocs sites. I’ve worked at Private Internet Access / London Trust Media for a long while now! Like, three years or so. And in that time, I’ve been very lucky that they’ve let me work on IRC stuff on the side. (Lately, I’ve been really lucky in that they’re letting me do IRC protocol documentation work on the clock!)

It’s always been a bit of a sticking point, though. For someone like me, who doesn’t explicitly have any of my projects owned by them, it’s hard to really put a sign up that says “HEY, FYI I WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE”. It’s bit me a few times, and at times I definitely should’ve been more proactive about telling other who I work for. I’ve always tried to be open, so hopefully this page does that.

For what it’s worth, they’ve never made me change a decision or to push something through that I otherwise wouldn’t. If they want me to change my mind on something or e.g. push through a particular spec they’ll need to convince me just the same as anyone else would. And if they did try to push me to do anything dodgy, or if I think they had a bad agenda to push, I’d refuse and quit (and have always told ‘em that). While I’ve worked here, they’ve always just tried to improve IRC generally.

If you happen to have any questions about PIA/LTM, feel free to reach out anytime with an email to On the record, off the record, whatever, I’m just happy to answer q’s.

I also don’t want peeps to think that PIA or LTM is hiding anything or trying to obscure stuff. To that end, here’s a list:

Spec nerds / devs that work for LTM/PIA:

Spec nerds / devs who’re sponsored by LTM:

Projects that are sponsored by LTM:

Networks that are owned by LTM: