Internet Relay Chat history

Rules for IRC networking by #EU-Opers June 29 1994

Rules for IRC networking - Ratified July 6th 1994

1.)	The establishment of new servers and intra-domain linking should
    be a local toplevel domain (IE: country) decision.


        + Only a link for ONE server should be given to the new
          server site, that means the new site shouldn't be able to
          connect test-servers to other than its own server.
          (This avoids confusion about linking hierachy).

    + If a toplevel domain hostmask link is given, ensure that all
      hubs of that domain have connect access to the masked server
      (this should avoid disagreements between hub admins within a

2.)	Hacked or cracked servers (and the machines they run on) are the
    concern of all Admins, and override all local interests.


        + In a server with non-standard source code which breaks
          the current irc protocol (especially the incorrect
          manipulation of channel modes and user/hostname authen-
          tication) Admins will take action, this includes the
      testing of these patches.

        + The recommended action is permanent withdrawl of the
          server from the IRC-net by removal from all its uplinks
          configuration files.

3.)	The Admins are responsible for all operator access.
    IRC Administrators should therefore be approved by the
    machine and network admins for the site in question.

4.)	Operator power may be used only on server and network
    maintenance purposes. KILL may be used only when other
    methods to fix a problem don't exist.

Infringement of the rules as outlined above should lead to
operator and/or admin changes on the offending server.
Responsibility for these changes is primarily that of the uplink
server administrators.

In the event of continued transgression, further action may be
taken by remote IRC Administrators 24 hours after the problem
has been identified and all responsible parties have been

All intended additions to this document must be announced to IRC
Administrators for at least one week prior to ratification.

Edited June 29th by #EU-Opers